Faceless (Part IV)

  1. Wool socks for a Saturday Winter morning by a living room fireplace with Wes Montgomery’s ‘Live in Belgium 1965’ playing in the background to a warm cup of tea
  2. A bundle of freshly sharpened yellow pencils with only the word “CRISP” engraved in shimmering gold on each side
  3. A crackling campfire on a late Fall evening deep in the forest, deep in the evening with a Full Moon overhead, the branches above scratching lines across its surface
  4. A mason jar lit by fireflies in the darkest part of a late Spring evening in the grass of a front yard I once knew
  5. A Mead trapper-keeper filled with every love letter I ever wrote that never met their intended recipient
  6. A snowglobe with a smiling boy and a girl from the 80’s: the only ones in the entire neighborhood out making a snowman, complementary hued matching scarves and knitted beanies (marked with pom poms as the cherries on top)



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Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Aspiring songwriter, author and poet